Xcode Program License Agreement

I had to log in to Apple Store Connect, access “agreements, taxes and banks,” accept and complete a new agreement. The problem is that I don`t know how to approve the agreements… I had to open the Explorer console and I realize that there is another pop-up at the bottom of the current, so I will apply display:none to see it and accept the deal. Sign in to your Apple developer account and accept updated licensing agreements: Apple regularly releases new Apple Developer Program licensing agreements, which all customers must agree to. By not accepting the latest agreement, you`re preventing Optix from sending updates to your white-label apps, such as new features and bug fixes. To accept the latest agreement, please follow the following steps: The Apple Developer Program License Agreement has been updated. To access certain membership resources, you must accept the latest license agreement. And below it says “Msater agreements” contracts in effect and there are a few buttons like installation, editing, ads and download links, but I can`t see “I vote” button. To accept this agreement, the user must have already accepted the license agreement of Apple Developer Program in the Member Center with the role of team agent. GitHub is home to more than 50 million developers who work together to host and verify code, manage projects and create software together.

Millions of developers and companies build, send and expect their software on GitHub, the world`s largest and most advanced development platform. The schedule for paid apps has been updated. To create new paid apps and in-app purchases and transfer binary files to the App Store, the user must check and accept the schedule of paid apps (schedule 2 of the Apple Developer Program Licensing Agreement) in the “Agreements,” “Tax” and “Banking” module. As you may have noticed, the screenshots don`t seem to work. 🙂 It happened to me. But he didn`t show contextual notification with “Accept” by accessing Apple Developer. I have an error message when I log in to my account (see screenshot). That`s why I`d be happy to let myself be guided step by step. Word to the wise, tho…

This will not be the last time the backend or the process seems to play like the hunt for wumpus. They would think that Apple treats it as a test, and if a developer can`t find out, they don`t want them involved. It says “changes of requirement,” and there is a “request” button. Note: The contextualist can block this pop-up notification window. (Make sure your web browser`s pop blocker is not enabled if this notification is not visible to you) Yes, it is confusing when you took it literally. I was confused, just like you, the first time it happened to me – just use that button in this case and you`re fine. I almost said something that could be interpreted as rude or downright speaking. When I click “Add a new app,” here`s the window that appears: Note: This article is only relevant to customers who have apps with white labels. My Xcode automatically updated now I get this error: But if I click on the links, I`m lost and I don`t know what to do.