Aia Agreement

In the second part, we will continue the discussion on these agreements. If you are an owner, contractor or subcontractor, contact me here with questions or comments about AIA agreements. The AIA A101 is the standard form of the American Institute of Architects agreement, which is used to establish clearly defined business relationships between a pand and a contractor. These contracts were developed, published and promoted by a highly influential nationally renowned industrial group. Therefore, the standardized version is designed to protect the interests of the contractor and protect a contractor to the sometimes costly detriment of the rights and flexibilities of the owner. You need a detailed agreement. What for? What happens if there is an argument about one aspect of the work? Or its timing? Responsibility for bad work or delay must be strictly delineated. Do you need help deciding which AIA documents should be used? If you have any questions about the content of certain documents, the document to be used or the completion of a document, call (202) 626-7526 or contact Also visit the AIA Contract Documents Knowledge Base, which answers about 500 questions about purchasing documents, using AIA contract documents┬« software, and selecting and understanding AIA documents and forms. Visit DOCUCATION, the training and training portal for contract documents, podcasts, webinars and on-demand courses. AIA Documents on Demand is a popular, inexpensive, web-based service that allows PC and mac users to access, fill out and print the latest AIA contract documents electronically anytime and anywhere. Last year, more than 35,000 documents were uploaded via on-demand documents. “Since the launch of Documents on Demand in 2009, the service has proven to be incredibly popular and user-friendly due to its simplicity and flexibility,” said Molly Lindblom, General Manager of AIA Contract Documents.

“On-demand documents are continually updated with the latest documents to meet the changing needs of design and construction professionals.” Always specify the start and date dates. The contractor should inform the owner of any inconsistencies in the contractual documents and specify the classification of the execution of each stage of construction. Aaron Pierce (212) 882-1752 299 Broadway, Suite 1405 New York, NY 10007 AIA documents are easy to interpret. AIA documents use the general meaning of words and phrases. Wherever possible, industrial and legal jargon is avoided….