Atco Electric Crossing Agreement

The ATCO Electric distribution fees you see on your monthly bill from your energy distributor are regulated by the Alberta Utilities Commission. You can find advice on energy efficiency and information on reducing your electricity consumption on our Energy 101 pages. Manuals, forms, worksheets and standard utility adaptation agreements used by engineering firms commissioned by Alberta Transportation. For any inquiries regarding the crossing of the country, please contact Electric Crossing Requests. As an electricity supplier, you can count on us. Use the following phone numbers or the online form at the end of this page to contact us. If the Alberta One-Call locates a high-pressure line on your property, this will be indicated on your Certificate of Location. If you intend to dig within 30 meters of the line, you will need a crossing or approximation agreement before starting the ditch. For inquiries regarding hydrocarbon fields/industrial companies, please contact a Key Account Representative: or call 1-800-668-2248. If you need to report a problem with the street light, please fill out this form. Opening hours of the service center: Monday to Friday 8.m until 17h.m. If you need to move a high load, contact our High Load Move Coordinator at 1-855-277-1670. For more details, please visit our High Load Moves section.

J1 – Bridge design process and data requirements. If you come across an underground natural gas line, call our hotline immediately at 1-800-511-3447. Any request for customer data requires the customer`s authorization via the authorization and sharing form. Call 1-800-668-2248 or contact us online via the following form We have developed reports to create registration lists and capture historical energy data. Any request for customer data requires the permission of the website customer using the permission to disclose information. This form can be sent by e-mail (in PDF format) or by fax. Omissions, obvious errors or recommendations for future updates of the following documents should be forwarded to [email protected]. Hitting an underground gas pipeline can have serious consequences, such as losing natural gas service for your home and neighborhood (goodbye heat and hot water), paying for repairs, and serious injuries to yourself, your family, or others. 5302 Forand St. S.W. Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3E 8B4 Call or click before digging, planting trees or building a bridge in your garden: All forms are current as of December 2013, unless a more recent revision date is indicated in the document. .

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