Sales Livery Agreement

However, like any commercial transaction, the agreement should be recorded in a document covering all points. Not only does the writing protect both parties from subsequent disagreements over the conditions, but it also protects the farm owner`s paint shop by allowing the farm owner to appeal to the horse owner in the event of a problem (for example.B. if the horse damages its barn). In addition, the conditions of the painting are recorded, which not only gives the owner of the horse the expectation of additional costs in addition to the sales commission, but also sets the obligations of the owner of the horse. 3.1 The owner ensures that the horse is supplied with all the issues set out in the schedules (this describes the owner`s responsibilities to your horse, the services provided by the farm, the fees for using the services, your horse`s profile and a daily breakdown of your horse`s painting routine, and consists of four parts) 5.1 This Agreement applies for the duration, subject to prior termination under this Agreement. Below are some guidelines from the British Horse Society (BHS) on how to establish a paint farm agreement and what clauses it should contain. Each section below should help give useful tips on the different clauses that need to be added depending on the type of paint agreement you have chosen. (For example, a full paint chord is different from a grass paint chord.) 3. Working painting – In addition to the full duration of painting, it is also necessary to define the conditions under which a horse can work: details about the services contained in the painting fee. Is movement included? Is the horse maintained and saddled for the owner? Is the clover cleaned regularly? Describe in detail the services and facilities you provide as part of the painting fee. It is usually farm owners who set the terms of a commission contract (and therefore use this model), but there is no reason why a horse owner cannot use this document to obtain more advantageous terms with a seller who does not have a standard sales contract. It is important to know where you stand if you enter into a painting farm agreement. An agreement can be concluded in all its forms, depending on the different types of paintings (for example.

B, entirely, sub-parts, crafts, etc.), the facilities offered and the conditions of the Court. A painting agreement must always be written before the horse is placed in a painting yard. The owner of a paint farm should indicate the provisions relating to the safety of a horse, while the owner must indicate in the agreement all the personal requirements he needs for his horse, to ensure that there is no dispute. It should be noted, however, that for all types of paintings, the final responsibility of the horse in the painting yard lies with the owner of the paint farm. This complete painting agreement offers everything you want in the agreement with your owners, and full legal protection for you….