Telstra Enterprise Agreement 2020

Finally, the two sides reached an agreement in December 2019, after the unions agreed to take a 1.8 percent wage increase for the first year and a two percent increase in the second year, while some Job Family employees get a guaranteed minimum of one percent. Section 45 has also been amended to maintain the same benefits when employees are transferred to a Telstra subsidiary. CEPU National President Shane Murphy said that while the wage offer for union representatives was “disappointing”, the agreement as a whole had “come a long way”. The FWC approved the agreement on 11 June 2020 and the agreement will enter into service from 18 June 2020. The nominal expiry date of the agreement is September 30, 2021. Negotiations on a subsequent EBA are expected to start in less than a year. Other additions to the agreement are the possibility of voluntarily registering for a previous dismissal, the right for casual employees to apply for permanent employment after 12 months, long-term leave agreements on the basis of a voluntary process and equal parental leave rights (16 weeks of parental leave and up to 12 months of unpaid leave for both parents). As you will recall, the new Teltra ABE was voted in December 2019, with 65% voting “yes” to support the agreement. The agreement was then submitted to the Fair Work Commission for approval. Communications Electrical Plumbing Union (CEPU) and Telstra have signed a new corporate agreement.

Negotiations on the agreement have been ongoing since at least April 2018, when Telstra proposed to change the rights to long-term leave. FWC processing times can be long and, unfortunately, there is not much we can do to influence this. The FWC can only approve an agreement if it meets a number of criteria. For example, that the agreement is the best overall test (BOOT) against price, that it has actually been accepted by staff and that it does not exclude national employment standards, to name a few. It may take some time to properly address these issues and we support the FWC`s in-depth approach. During its deliberations, the FWC asked Telstra to clarify the operation of certain clauses that extended the process. It also allowed Telstra to offer 14 commitments under the agreement and to accept the FWC, which clarified how certain clauses worked. A copy of the agreement, including the commitments, is available here The EBA was elected in December 2019 with 65% of Telstra employees voting yes. The Fair Work Commission approved the agreement last week and today begins its work until its nominal expiry in September 2021. An increase of 2% is due from 1 October 2020.

Job Family employees with a score of 3 or higher get a guaranteed minimum of 1% and the increases apply to allowances. Negotiations began in 2018, when Telstra announced its ambitious Telstra2022 strategy, which included cutting thousands of jobs, streamlining the telecommunications structure and reducing costs. “What we`re really passionate about is the conditions in which our members have been able to lock themselves in,” Murphy added. Wage increases have been the main problem. Cepus rejected a proposed 1.5 percent salary increase for employees and called it a pay cut, as it was lower than the 2% annual increase in the cost of living. . . .