Wisconsin Marital Separation Agreement

A matrimonial settlement agreement is a forced legal document that describes the division of property between two spouses. The agreement also deals with spousal support if necessary. If children are involved, the agreement also describes the custody and placement agreement. Before entering into the marriage settlement agreement, the two parties must reach a mutual agreement on all issues raised. A matrimonial settlement agreement in Wisconsin must specify how all matrimonial property will be divided. These include household items, cars, mutual funds and retirement accounts. It is possible to file for divorce in Wisconsin after one month of marriage. Depending on the situation behind the breakup, a cancellation may be something you should talk to your lawyer about. Annulment means that a judge has determined whether, on the basis of information unknown at the time of marriage or the mental or physical state of a person at the time of marriage, marriage never existed legally. When looking at the grounds for divorce and legal separation, it is important to note that while the wording is only slightly different, the impact is enormous.

To file for divorce, one or both spouses must identify their marriage as “irretrievably broken.” When deciding whether or not you and your spouse should apply for legal separation, it`s important to be clear about what legal separation really is and what it means for you and your spouse….